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Bone-A-Fide Behaviours Courses

Socialisation, early learning and play are the three most important areas to cover - ensuring puppies continue learning their social skills to enable them to grow into dogs that are:

• Trustworthy with people, children & other       animals;

• Confident and relaxed with other dogs.

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Barking Mad is the perfect alternative to kennels where dogs stay with a local carefully selected host family where their existing home life routine is maintained.

Bone-A-Fide Behaviours Courses - Puppy

  •   Learn how to toilet train.
  •   Dogs and the law.
  •   Appropriate games.
  •   Learn what to chew & what not to chew.
  •   Come when called - even from play.
  •   How to control jaws and claws.
  •   Enjoy being examined, handled & visiting the vet.
  •   Sit, stand, lie down upon command.
  •   Enjoy being "home alone".
  •   Sound desensitisation (fireworks etc.)
  •   Responsibility and care.

Bone-A-Fide Behaviours Courses - Beginner

  •   Care and Management
  •   Identification
  •   Collar and Lead
  •   Responsibility
  •   The Stay (At a very short distance)
  •   Stand, Sit and Down (Valuable for Veterinary visits & grooming)
  •   The Recall / Coming Back (A must for every dog)
  •   Jumping Up
  •   Control at Doorways
  •   Food Manners
  •   Walking On Lead (Under control without pulling)
  •   Leave
  •   Control at Door
  •   Assessment Night

Bone-A-Fide Behaviours Courses - Intermediate

  •   Sensible play with the dog.
  •   Advanced Walking On Lead.
  •   Rejoining the owner. Coming Back.
  •   Stay in one place.
  •   Vehicle Control.
  •   Come away from distraction.
  •   Controlled greeting.
  •   Food Manners.
  •   Examination of the dog.
  •   Responsibility and Care.
  •   Introduction to Retrieve.
  •   Introduction to Find.
  •   Send to bed.
  •   Assessment night.

Bone-A-Fide Behaviours Courses - Advanced

  •   Off lead heelwork
  •   Sending away
  •   Distance control
  •   Retrieve
  •   Emergency stop
  •   Relaxed isolation
  •   Advance send to bed (working on down)
  •   Group work
  •   And much more

Bone-A-Fide Behaviours