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Bone-A-Fide Behaviours Welcome To Bone-A-Fide Behaviours

Owned and run by Nathan Thompson. Fully insured, at Bone-a-fide Behaviours we offer first class canine services including obedience courses, dog walks and away days.

Our classes are run in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with the emphasis on enjoying the time spent with your dog as well as achieving a well trained, well socialised, obedient and loyal pet.

We are open and honest with all our customers and will be happy to offer tips and advice without any obligation.

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Bone-A-Fide Behaviours About Me

Working with and around dogs has always been my passion. After completing an animal management course, I spent several years working with wild dogs at Port Lympne Zoo. During this time I also worked at a dog agility school where I ran my own classes.

Since leaving the zoo I have worked as a dog handler in the security industry. I am experienced in dog grooming and working with racing greyhounds.

I have attended and will regularly attend canine first aid training and I am a fully qualified instructor within the ADTB (Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour). However, I am still constantly looking to improve my knowledge and skills with further courses and seminars to ensure that I am up to date with current trends in order to provide the best service possible.

If you have any queries please contact us either by phone or e-mail:

• Telephone: 07795077921
• Email:

Bone-A-Fide Behaviours